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Unique Words Puzzle

Unique Words Puzzle - 1 October

What is the unique property of the following words ?
* Revive
* Banana
* Grammar
* Voodoo
* Assess
* Potato
* Dresser
* Uneven

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Secret Code Riddle

Secret Code Riddle - 30 September

You need to unlock a secret code using following clues

Clue-1 : 0 7 9 (One of the numbers is correct and is placed in its correct position)
Clue-2 : 0 3 2 (Nothing is correct)
Clue-3 : 1 0 8 (Two numbers are correct but not placed at its correct position.)
Clue-4 : 9 2 6 (One number is correct but not placed at its correct position.)
Clue-5 : 6 7 8 (One number is correct but not placed at its correct position.)

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Easy Matchsticks Equation Riddle

Easy Matchsticks Equation Riddle - 29 September

You need to move one matchstick to make below equation correct.

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Hatty Potter Puzzle

Hatty Potter Puzzle - 28 September

Ponder upon a creature who exists in disguise
Who deals in mysteries and has nothing to tell you except lies
Now think about what is constantly the final thing to mend
What is the middle of the middle and the end of the end?
Now ponder upon the sound you must have often heard
When you were looking for the hard-to-find word
If you can tie them all together and answer this
Tell me what living creature you will always loath to kiss?

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Fill In The Blanks Riddle

Fill In The Blanks Riddle - 27 September

A _____ restaurant chef was _____ to made food as there was _____.

Can you solve the riddle by replacing blanks by a word (in three different ways) ?

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Stupid Funny Riddle

Stupid Funny Riddle - 26 September

One Night, a Cook, a Cobbler and a Fisherman went to a dinner together and asked the manager to split the bill equally among them. When the bill arrived, it was for four people.

How can this be possible?

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Quick Riddle To Ask

Quick Riddle To Ask - 25 September

At his own home, a man watches a beautiful lady killed. He cried but does not do anything about it. Why?

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